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resources.hpp File Reference


This header file is part of sub-namespace alib::lang::resources of module ALib BaseCamp of the ALib C++ Library .

© 2013-2024 A-Worx GmbH, Germany. Published under Boost Software License.

Definition in file resources.hpp.

#include "alib/strings/string.hpp"
#include "alib/strings/localstring.hpp"
#include <vector>
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struct  ResourcedType< T >
struct  ResourceInfo
class  ResourcePool
struct  T_Resourced< T >


namespace  alib
namespace  alib::lang
namespace  alib::lang::resources


ALib Module BaseCamp Feature Selection

ALib Module BaseCamp

The macros in this section are introduced by sub-namespace alib::lang::resources of module ALib BaseCamp .

#define ALIB_RESOURCED(T, ResPool, ResCategory, ResName)
#define ALIB_RESOURCED_IN_MODULE(T, Camp, ResName)    ALIB_RESOURCED( T, &Camp.GetResourcePool(), Camp.ResourceCategory, ResName )


template<typename T >
using ResourcedType = lang::resources::ResourcedType<T>
 Type alias in namespace alib.
using ResourceInfo = lang::resources::ResourceInfo
 Type alias in namespace alib.
using ResourcePool = lang::resources::ResourcePool
 Type alias in namespace alib.
template<typename T >
using T_Resourced = lang::resources::T_Resourced<T>
 Type alias in namespace alib.