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T_Boxer< std::vector< TElement >, ATMP_VOID_IF(!characters::TT_IsChar< TElement >::value) > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TElement>
struct alib::boxing::compatibility::std::T_Boxer< std::vector< TElement >, ATMP_VOID_IF(!characters::TT_IsChar< TElement >::value) >

Specialization of struct T_Boxer for template type std::vector<T, std::allocator<T>> Instead of boxing a pointer to the vector object, a boxed array is stored, hence a pointer to the first element contents and the array length.

To enable this behavior, header file "alib/compatibility/std_boxing.hpp"

needs to be included in the corresponding compilation unit.

Excluded from the specialization are character arrays. Boxing of std::vector instances of those types is customized by the specialization of T_CharArray , as described in manual chapter 10. Boxing Character Strings.

As mandatory, the specialization is defined in alib::boxing. To keep the reference documentation of that namespace clean, it is documented here.
Template Parameters
TElementThe element type of the vector.

Definition at line 118 of file std_boxing.hpp.

#include <std_boxing.hpp>

Public Type Index:

using Mapping = TMappedToArrayOf<TElement>

Public Static Method Index:

static void Read (const Placeholder &src)
static void Write (Placeholder &target, const std::vector< TElement > &value)

Type Definition Details:

◆ Mapping

template<typename TElement >
using Mapping = TMappedToArrayOf<TElement>

Mapped type is TElement[].

Definition at line 121 of file std_boxing.hpp.

Method Details:

◆ Read()

template<typename TElement >
static void Read ( const Placeholder & src)

Forbid unboxing by declaring Read as void.


◆ Write()

template<typename TElement >
static void Write ( Placeholder & target,
const std::vector< TElement > & value )

Implementation of custom boxing for template class std::vector

targetThe placeholder of the target box.
valueThe object to box.

Definition at line 128 of file std_boxing.hpp.

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