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VTableTT< TPlainOrArray, TMapped > Class Template Reference


template<typename TPlainOrArray, typename TMapped>
class alib::boxing::detail::VTableTT< TPlainOrArray, TMapped >

This is a templated derivate of class VTable. It is needed to create singletons for arbitrary mapped types.

See also
Chapter 12.2.3 Technical Background On VTables of the ALib Boxing "Programmer's Manual" of module ALib Boxing .


class alib::singletons;Singleton;Singleton< VTableTT<TPlainOrArray; TMapped> > "singletons;Singleton;Singleton< VTableTT<TPlainOrArray; TMapped> >"

Template Parameters
TPlainOrArrayEither type detail::TPlain or detail::TArrayOf .
TMappedThe mapped type.

Definition at line 357 of file vtable.inl.

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Type Index: inherited from VTable
enum class  DbgFactoryType { Unregistered , Static , Dynamic }
enum  MappingType : integer { Value = 0 , Pointer = -1 , Enum = -2 }
- Public Static Method Index: inherited from Singleton< TDerivedClass >
static TDerivedClass & GetSingleton ()
- Public Field Index: inherited from VTable
uinteger DbgCntUsage = 0
DbgFactoryType DbgProduction = DbgFactoryType::Unregistered
const std::type_info & ElementType
FunctionTable Functions
const MappingType Mapping
const unsigned int PlaceholderUsage
const std::type_info & Type
- Public Method Index: inherited from VTable
 VTable (const std::type_info &type, const std::type_info &elementType, MappingType mapping, unsigned int placeholderUsage)
virtual ~VTable ()
bool IsArray () const
bool IsEnum () const
bool IsPointer () const
- Public Method Index: inherited from Singleton< TDerivedClass >
virtual ~Singleton ()

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ VTableTT()

template<typename TPlainOrArray , typename TMapped >
constexpr VTableTT ( )

Constructor. Passes parameters as expected by parent class VTable.

This constructor is private and class Singleton is a friend, which makes each template instance of this class being a 'strict' singleton (only that singleton instance exists).

Definition at line 372 of file vtable.inl.

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