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ConfigurationPlugin Class Referenceabstract


Abstract class that represents a plug in for class Configuration to provide configuration data from specific configuration data source.

See documentation of namespace alib::config for more information on ALib external configuration variables.

The plug-in also may have the ability to write data. The default implementation for writing configuration data returns constant false, indicating that this plug-in never writes anything (e.g. command line parameter plug-in, environment variable plug-in).

Category and Variable names are character case insensitive for the plug-ins predefined with ALib . It is recommended to ignore character case in custom specializations of this class as well.

Definition at line 124 of file config/plugins.hpp.

#include <plugins.hpp>

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class  Iterator

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virtual ~ConfigurationPlugin ()
virtual IteratorGetIterator (const String &sectionName)
virtual ALIB_API bool Load (Variable &variable, bool searchOnly=false)=0
virtual String Name () const =0
virtual bool Store (Variable &variable)
virtual bool Store (Variable &variable, const String &externalizedValue)

Field Details:

◆ defaultStringConverter

XTernalizer defaultStringConverter

The default external string converter.

Definition at line 131 of file config/plugins.hpp.

◆ StringConverter

XTernalizer* StringConverter

The external string converter. By default this points to field defaultStringConverter.

Definition at line 140 of file config/plugins.hpp.

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ ConfigurationPlugin()

ConfigurationPlugin ( )

Constructor which is protected, as this is an abstract class.

Definition at line 149 of file config/plugins.hpp.

◆ ~ConfigurationPlugin()

virtual ~ConfigurationPlugin ( )

Virtual Destructor.

Definition at line 158 of file config/plugins.hpp.

Method Details:

◆ GetIterator()

virtual Iterator * GetIterator ( const String & sectionName)

Creates an iterator object to return all variables within a section. The iterator object returned, needs to be deleted by the caller.

If a plug-in can not perform iteration, it will return nullptr. This is for example true for plug-in class Environment .

Method Configuration::GetIterator returns an iterator that allows to iterate across all variables of a section found in all plug-ins
sectionNameThe name of the section to iterate.
The iterator requested or nullptr if the plug-in does not support section iteration.

Reimplemented in InMemoryPlugin, and CLIArgs.

Definition at line 262 of file config/plugins.hpp.

◆ Load()

virtual ALIB_API bool Load ( Variable & variable,
bool searchOnly = false )
pure virtual

Abstract method that has to be overwritten by descendants. Searches and by default retrieves the value of a configuration variable. If searchOnly is true, then the variable value is not read.

variableThe variable to retrieve.
searchOnlyIf true, the variable must not be set. Defaults to false.
true if variable was found within this configuration source, false if not.

Implemented in IniFile, InMemoryPlugin, CLIArgs, and Environment.

◆ Name()

virtual String Name ( ) const
pure virtual

Abstract method to return a plug-in name. The name may be used in human readable output, e.g. log-files or exception messages to tell a user for example, which plug-in loaded a variable containing a syntax error.

The name of the plug-in.

Implemented in IniFile, InMemoryPlugin, CLIArgs, and Environment.

◆ Store() [1/2]

virtual bool Store ( Variable & variable)

Writes a variable to the configuration. This default implementation just returns false. If this method is not overwritten in descendants, those descendants are not designed to write data.

variableThe variable to store.
true if the variable was written, false if not which typically indicates that this plug-in is not able to write values.

Reimplemented in IniFile, and InMemoryPlugin.

Definition at line 195 of file config/plugins.hpp.

◆ Store() [2/2]

virtual bool Store ( Variable & variable,
const String & externalizedValue )

Convenience method that parses the values from the given string using field StringConverter and then invokes Store.

variableThe variable to store.
externalizedValueThe value to parse into the variable before storing
true if the variable was written, false if not which typically indicates that this plug-in is not able to write values.

Reimplemented in InMemoryPlugin.

Definition at line 212 of file config/plugins.hpp.

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