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ReportWriterStdIO Class Reference


The standard ReportWriter writing the message to std::cout and std::cerr. The global formatter singleton is used is used to process the objects in the report message. This is by default of type FormatterPythonStyle . See method * Formatter::GetDefault for more information.


class Singleton class Report

Definition at line 284 of file report.hpp.

#include <report.hpp>

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Public Method Index:

virtual ALIB_API void NotifyActivation (lang::Phase phase) override
virtual ALIB_API void Report (Message &msg) override
- Public Method Index: inherited from ReportWriter
virtual ~ReportWriter ()
- Public Method Index: inherited from Singleton< TDerivedClass >
virtual ~Singleton ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Static Method Index: inherited from Singleton< TDerivedClass >
static TDerivedClass & GetSingleton ()

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ ReportWriterStdIO()

ReportWriterStdIO ( )

Private constructor, while parent class Singleton is friend. Therefore, only one instance may exist.

◆ ~ReportWriterStdIO()

virtual ~ReportWriterStdIO ( )

Private destructor.

Method Details:

◆ NotifyActivation()

void NotifyActivation ( lang::Phase phase)

Notify activation/deactivation

phaseInformation if activated or deactivated.

Implements ReportWriter.

Definition at line 161 of file report.cpp.

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◆ Report()

void Report ( Message & msg)

Writes the prefix "ALib Report (Error):" (respectively "ALib Report (Warning):" and the error message to the cout. On Windows platform, if a debugger is present, the message is also written using OutputDebugStringA.

If the first member of msg is of type string and it's contents follow the rules given with (higher level) module ALib in respect to valid domain path detection then this string is followed by a colon and a space (": ") to separate this "topic" from the rest of the message.

msgThe message to report.

Implements ReportWriter.

Definition at line 174 of file report.cpp.

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