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ALox Class Reference


This is the module class for ALox logging library residing in namespace alib::lox.

This is a strict singleton class. The only instance is found with namespace variable alib::ALOX.

Definition at line 106 of file aloxmodule.hpp.

#include <aloxmodule.hpp>

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Public Static Field Index:

static ALIB_API config::VariableDecl CODEPAGE

Public Method Index:

 ALox ()
ALIB_API LoxGet (const NString &name, lang::CreateIfNotExists create=lang::CreateIfNotExists::No)
ALIB_API void Register (Lox *lox, lang::ContainerOp operation)
ALIB_API void Reset ()
- Public Method Index: inherited from Camp
 Camp (Camp &&)=delete
 Camp (const Camp &)=delete
 Camp (const NCString &resourceCategory)
virtual ~Camp ()
void BootstrapResource (const NString &name, const String &data)
void BootstrapSetConfig (config::Configuration *pConfig)
void BootstrapSetResourcePool (lang::resources::ResourcePool *pool)
config::ConfigurationGetConfig ()
const StringGetResource (const NString &name)
resources::ResourcePoolGetResourcePool ()
bool IsBootstrapped ()
void operator= (Camp &&)=delete
void operator= (const Camp &)=delete
const StringTryResource (const NString &name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Field Index: inherited from Camp
NCString ResourceCategory

Field Details:


ALIB_API config::VariableDecl CODEPAGE

Attributes of corresponding configuration variable ALOX_CODE_PAGE used by class WindowsConsoleLogger .

Definition at line 124 of file aloxmodule.hpp.

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ ALox()

ALox ( )

While this is public, it must not be invoked as this is a strict singleton type. (See notes in 3.2 Class Camp).

Definition at line 68 of file aloxmodule.cpp.

Method Details:

◆ bootstrap()

void bootstrap ( BootstrapPhases phase)

Implementation of Camp::bootstrap .

In phase BootstrapPhases::Final performs:

Implements Camp.

Definition at line 169 of file aloxmodule.cpp.

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◆ Get()

Returns a Lox with the given name. A Lox is only found if it was created and registered with ALox using Register. If not found, and parameter create is true (the default), a new Lox is created, registered and returned.

nameThe name of the Lox to search and optionally to create. Comparison is case insensitive.
createDenotes whether a Lox that was not found is created. Optional and defaults to CreateIfNotExists::No.
The Lox found, nullptr in case of failure.

Definition at line 104 of file aloxmodule.cpp.

◆ Register()

void Register ( Lox * lox,
lang::ContainerOp operation )

Registers or un-registers a Lox object statically with ALox . Once registered, any code entity of the same process is enabled to retrieve the Lox using Get.
No two objects with the same name must be registered. If this is done, the latter will not be registered and not be found by Get. In debug-compilations, an ALib error report is written (by default raises 'assert') if a name is registered twice.
Note that name comparison is performed case in-sensitive.

If debug-logging is enabled (depends on optional compiler symbols) and used, the singleton of type % Lox provided for debug-logging is registered. This uses the name "Log".

Registration is not mandatory but done by default by the constructor of class Lox. Therefore, to keep a Lox private, an optional parameter is available.

loxThe Lox to register.
operationIf ContainerOp::Remove, the given Lox is deregistered. Defaults to ContainerOp::Insert.

Definition at line 126 of file aloxmodule.cpp.

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◆ Reset()

void Reset ( )

Resets this object. Concretely the following steps are performed:

  • If the debug lox singleton exists, it is deleted.
  • It is asserted that no other lox object is registered
  • The ALOX section of the configuration plugins are deleted
  • It is asserted that not more than 4 plugins are in the configuration
This method was introduced to support resetting ALox in the unit tests. In real applications, this method should NOT be used. Side effects might appear using this method and it is not tested otherwise than used in tests!

Definition at line 372 of file aloxmodule.cpp.

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◆ shutdown()

void shutdown ( ShutdownPhases phase)

Terminates this module.

phaseThe shutdown phase to perform.

Implements Camp.

Definition at line 352 of file aloxmodule.cpp.

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