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ConsoleLogger Class Reference


A logger that logs all messages to the standard output cout. The name of the Logger defaults to "CONSOLE".

ALox text logger escape sequences (see class ESC) are removed and ignored.

Definition at line 37 of file consolelogger.hpp.

#include <consolelogger.hpp>

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Public Method Index:

 ConsoleLogger (const NString &name=nullptr)
virtual ~ConsoleLogger () override
- Public Method Index: inherited from TextLogger
virtual ALIB_API ~TextLogger () override
virtual ALIB_API void AcknowledgeLox (LoxImpl *lox, lang::ContainerOp op) override
virtual ALIB_API void ClearReplacements ()
virtual ALIB_API void Log (Domain &domain, Verbosity verbosity, Boxes &logables, ScopeInfo &scope) override
virtual ALIB_API void ResetAutoSizes ()
virtual ALIB_API void SetReplacement (const String &searched, const String &replacement)
- Public Method Index: inherited from Logger
virtual ~Logger ()
const NStringGetName () const
const NStringGetTypeName () const
- Public Method Index: inherited from SmartLock
 SmartLock ()
void Acquire (const NCString &dbgFile, int dbgLine, const NCString &dbgFunc)
ALIB_API int AddAcquirer (ThreadLock *newAcquirer)
ALIB_API int CntAcquirers ()
ALIB_API void Release ()
ALIB_API int RemoveAcquirer (ThreadLock *acquirer)
- Public Method Index: inherited from ThreadLock
ALIB_API ThreadLock (lang::Safeness safeness=lang::Safeness::Safe)
ALIB_API ~ThreadLock ()
ALIB_API void Acquire (const NCString &dbgFile, int dbgLine, const NCString &dbgFunc)
int CountAcquirements () const
ThreadGetOwner () const
lang::Safeness GetSafeness () const
bool IsOwnedByCurrentThread () const
ALIB_API void Release ()
ALIB_API void SetSafeness (lang::Safeness safeness)
bool WillRelease () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Type Index: inherited from TextLogger
enum class  LightColorUsage { Auto , Never , Foreground , Background }
- Public Static Field Index: inherited from SmartLock
static ALIB_API SmartLock StdOutputStreams
- Public Field Index: inherited from PlainTextLogger
bool PruneESCSequences = true
- Public Field Index: inherited from TextLogger
strings::util::AutoSizes AutoSizes
ObjectConverterConverter = nullptr
String16 FmtMsgSuffix
String64 FmtMultiLineMsgHeadline = A_CHAR("ALox: Multi line message follows: ")
String16 FmtMultiLinePrefix = A_CHAR(">> ")
String16 FmtMultiLineSuffix = A_CHAR("")
AString MultiLineDelimiter
String16 MultiLineDelimiterRepl = A_CHAR("\\r")
int MultiLineMsgMode =2
- Public Field Index: inherited from Logger
integer CntLogs =0
time::Ticks TimeOfCreation
time::Ticks TimeOfLastLog
- Public Field Index: inherited from ThreadLock
NCString DbgOwnerFile =nullptr
NCString DbgOwnerFunc =nullptr
int DbgOwnerLine
uint16_t DbgRecursionWarningThreshold =10
integer DbgWarningAfterWaitTimeInMillis =2000L

Field Details:

◆ writer

StringWriter writer

The encapsulated output stream.

Definition at line 41 of file consolelogger.hpp.

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ ConsoleLogger()

ConsoleLogger ( const NString & name = nullptr)

Creates a ConsoleLogger.

name(Optional) The name of the Logger, defaults to "CONSOLE".

Definition at line 51 of file consolelogger.hpp.

◆ ~ConsoleLogger()

virtual ~ConsoleLogger ( )

Destructs a ConsoleLogger

Definition at line 59 of file consolelogger.hpp.

Method Details:

◆ logSubstring()

alib::integer logSubstring ( const String & buffer,
integer start,
integer length )

Writes the given region of the given string to the console.

bufferThe string to write a portion of.
startThe start of the portion in buffer to write out.
lengthThe length of the portion in buffer to write out.
The number of characters written, -1 on error.

Implements PlainTextLogger.

Definition at line 25 of file consolelogger.cpp.

Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ notifyLogOp()

bool notifyLogOp ( lang::Phase phase)

Starts/ends log line. Appends a new-line character sequence to previously logged lines.

phaseIndicates the beginning or end of a log line.
Always returns true.

Implements PlainTextLogger.

Definition at line 18 of file consolelogger.cpp.

◆ notifyMultiLineOp()

virtual void notifyMultiLineOp ( lang::Phase )

Empty implementation, not needed for this class

Implements TextLogger.

Definition at line 90 of file consolelogger.hpp.

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