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alib::boxing::compatibility::qt Namespace Reference


This namespace documents compatibility features of ALib Boxing and the QT Class Library .

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void BootstrapQTStringBoxing ()

Function Details:

◆ BootstrapQTStringBoxing()

void BootstrapQTStringBoxing ( )

Initializes ALib Boxing in respect to boxing QT string types.

This method is not automatically invoked with function Bootstrap , because support for boxing QT string types is optional and provided with the inclusion of header alib/compatibility/qt_boxing.hpp .

In general, boxing of QT string types works well without the one-time invocation of this function at the bootstrap section of a process. This method registers box-function FAppend for QT string types when custom boxing is bypassed by wrapping the types in std::reference_wrapper<T>. The function is implemented with the help of FAppend::WrappedAppendable for wrapped types QByteArray, QQLatin1String and QString, each for character types nchar and wchar.

If invoked after bootstrap and module ALib Memory is included in the ALib Distribution , mutex GlobalAllocatorLock has to be locked prior to an invocation.

Definition at line 88 of file qt_boxing.hpp.