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This is one of the built-in box-functions of ALib Boxing . This function is used to give an answer to the question if a boxed value represents boolean value true or false. This is useful if "yes/no" decisions should be taken based on arbitrary boxed values.

A default implementation is registered which for non-array types just interprets the first integral value in the Placeholder : If it is not 0, true is returned, false otherwise.
For array types, the default implementation returns true if method Box::UnboxLength returns a value different to 0, otherwise false is returned.

Definition at line 373 of file functions.inl.

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using Signature = bool (*) ( const Box& self)

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◆ Signature

using Signature = bool (*) ( const Box& self)

Signature of the invokable function.

selfThe box that the function was invoked on.
Return value and type is implementation specific.

Definition at line 381 of file functions.inl.

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