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TMappedToArrayOf< TElement > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TElement>
struct alib::boxing::TMappedToArrayOf< TElement >

This type is used to define type mappings targeting array-types. Array types consist of a an element type as well as a length. Corresponding specializations of T_Boxer::Write and T_Boxer::Read have to use write the pointer to the start of the array and the array's length into the box's Placeholder .

See also
Sibling struct TMappedTo used to denote mapping to standard non-array types.
Template Parameters
TElementThe boxed array's element type.

Definition at line 106 of file typetraits.inl.

Public Type Index:

using PlainOrArray = detail::TArrayOf
using Type = TElement

Type Definition Details:

◆ PlainOrArray

template<typename TElement >
using PlainOrArray = detail::TArrayOf

Denotes that the type is boxed to an array type.

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◆ Type

template<typename TElement >
using Type = TElement

The element type given as TElement .

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