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Library Version: 2402 R1
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less< alib::boxing::Enum > Struct Reference


Specialization of functor std::less for type Enum .

This specialization is provided with the inclusion of header file alib/compatibility/std_boxing_functional.hpp .
While the documentation indicates namespace alib::compatibility::std, the specialization is (as needed) implemented in namespace std.

Definition at line 160 of file std_boxing_functional.hpp.

#include <std_boxing_functional.hpp>

Public Method Index:

bool operator() (const alib::boxing::Enum &lhs, const alib::boxing::Enum &rhs) const

Method Details:

◆ operator()()

bool operator() ( const alib::boxing::Enum & lhs,
const alib::boxing::Enum & rhs ) const

Invokes box-function FIsLess on lhs and returns the result.

lhsThe left-hand side Enum.
rhsThe right-hand side Enum.
The result of the comparison.

Definition at line 168 of file std_boxing_functional.hpp.

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