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TT_CharOfSize< TCharSize > Struct Template Reference


template<int TCharSize>
struct alib::characters::TT_CharOfSize< TCharSize >

This helper struct is used to determine the corresponding ALib character type, in cases that a fixed size of characters is required. Specializations for size values 1, 2 and 4 exists.

As an example, the QT Class Library uses a 2-byte character width, independent from compiler and platform. Therefore, to convert a QT character value to an ALib character value, the destination type is:

     typename TT_CharOfSize<2>::type
Template Parameters
TCharSizeThe size of the required character type in bytes.

Definition at line 618 of file characters.hpp.

#include <characters.hpp>

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using type = void

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◆ type

template<int TCharSize>
using type = void

One of the ALib character types, nchar , wchar or xchar .

Definition at line 623 of file characters.hpp.

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