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TT_ComplementChar< typename > Struct Template Reference


struct alib::characters::TT_ComplementChar< typename >

This simple template struct provides inner type definition type, which in the two specializations for types alib::nchar and alib::wchar aliases the respective other type.

The struct may be used to generalize code that is templated in respect to the character type to work on and that needs to refer to the character type that is complementary to the one currently compiled.

The struct may be used in code via shortcut macro ATMP_CHAR_COMPLEMENT.

Definition at line 589 of file characters.hpp.

#include <characters.hpp>

Public Type Index:

using type = void
 Default is void.

Type Definition Details:

◆ type

template<typename >
using type = void

Default is void.

Definition at line 591 of file characters.hpp.

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