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TT_ZTCharArrayType< TString, EnableIf > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TString, typename EnableIf = void>
struct alib::characters::TT_ZTCharArrayType< TString, EnableIf >

Helper TMP struct that determines if a specialization of TMP struct T_ZTCharArray exists for type TString , and if so, for which character type such specialization was made.

If a specialization exists, the class inherits std::true_type, otherwise std::false_type.

See also
For details see Programmer's Manual chapter 4.6 Tool Struct TT_CharArrayType. A sibling helper struct exists with TT_CharArrayType .
Template Parameters
TStringThe custom type to test.
EnableIfHelper parameter used for templated specializations of this struct.

Definition at line 427 of file characters.hpp.

#include <characters.hpp>

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using TChar = void

Type Definition Details:

◆ TChar

template<typename TString , typename EnableIf = void>
using TChar = void

The character type of the zero-terminated character array that is implemented with type TString .

Definition at line 431 of file characters.hpp.

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