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T_ZTCharArray< std::vector< TChar >, TChar, typename std::enable_if< TT_IsChar< TChar >::value >::type > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TChar>
struct alib::characters::compatibility::std::T_ZTCharArray< std::vector< TChar >, TChar, typename std::enable_if< TT_IsChar< TChar >::value >::type >

Specialization of TMP struct T_ZTCharArray for type std::vector<TChar>:

  • Character array data (string data) is allowed to be implicitly accessed.
  • The construction from zero-terminated character arrays is defined to be allowed in explicit fashion only, because std::vector is a heavy-weight type which will copy the data to an allocated buffer.
    Note that the zero-termination character is not included in the vector when created from a zero-terminated character array. The length of the vector will have the lengh of the source string.
Template Parameters
TCharTemplate parameter providing the underlying character type. Restricted to types enabled by TMP helper struct TT_IsChar .

Definition at line 232 of file std_characters.hpp.

#include <std_characters.hpp>

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