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TypeFunctors Struct Reference


This is a simple struct that features the use of std::type_info as key values of container types like hash tables and sets. For this, this struct provides inner functors hash, equal_to and less.

If for example a std::unordered_map should be instantiated with run-time type information as the hash key, a definition looks as follows:

 std::unordered_map<TypeFunctors::Key,      MyMappedType,
                    TypeFunctors::EqualTo                  > myMap;

Note that the key type evaluates to const std::type_info*, hence pointers to the structs have to be given when interfacing with the container.

Definition at line 64 of file std_typeinfo.hpp.

#include <std_typeinfo.hpp>

Inner Type Index:

struct  EqualTo
struct  Hash
struct  Less

Public Type Index:

using Key = const ::std::type_info*

Type Definition Details:

◆ Key

using Key = const ::std::type_info*

The key type

Definition at line 67 of file std_typeinfo.hpp.

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