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T_EnumIsArithmetical< TEnum, TEnableIf > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TEnum, typename TEnableIf>
struct alib::enums::T_EnumIsArithmetical< TEnum, TEnableIf >

Simple TMP struct that inherits std::false_type by default. If specialized for an enumeration type TEnum to inherit std::true_type, the following operators set of ALib operators become applicable to elements of TEnum :

Likewise with the operators introduced with TMP struct T_EnumIsBitwise , this documentation "fakes" the operators into namespace alib::enums, while in fact they are defined in the global namespace!
See corresponding note in the Programmer's Manual for details.

For technical reasons, this concept is not applicable to enum types that are defined as private or protected inner types of structs or classes.

See also
Template Parameters
TEnumThe enum type to enable arithmetical operators for.
TEnableIfThis parameter has a default expressions and must not be provided with specializations of this struct. It is used to ensure that template parameter TEnum is an enumeration type.

Definition at line 70 of file arithmetical.hpp.

#include <arithmetical.hpp>

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