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T_EnumRecords< TEnum, TEnableIf > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TEnum, typename TEnableIf>
struct alib::enums::T_EnumRecords< TEnum, TEnableIf >

This TMP struct is used to associate an "ALib Enum Record" type to a (scoped or non-scoped) enumeration type.

In the non-specialized version type definition Type (the only entity of this struct) evaluates to void. To assign a record, specify a data record type, similar to what is prototyped with EnumRecordPrototype

See also
Please consult chapter 4. Enum Records of the Programmer's Manual of ALib Enums for detailed documentation and sample code on this struct and underlying concept.
Macro ALIB_ENUMS_ASSIGN_RECORD offers a well readable alternative to specialize this struct for an enum type.
Template Parameters
TEnumThe enumeration type this struct applies to.
TEnableIfInternally used to ensure that given type TEnum is an enumeration. Defaulted. Please do not specify!

Definition at line 108 of file records.hpp.

#include <records.hpp>

Public Type Index:

using Type = void

Type Definition Details:

◆ Type

template<typename TEnum , typename TEnableIf >
using Type = void

The data type associated with elements of TEnum .

Definition at line 111 of file records.hpp.

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