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ByteSizeIEC Struct Reference


This struct is used to format sizes of byte arrays (streams, files, etc), in accordance with IEC units (KiB, MiB, GiB, etc). Integral values embedded in this struct are appendable to class AString.

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Sibling struct ByteSizeSI

Definition at line 126 of file bytesize.hpp.

#include <bytesize.hpp>

Public Field Index:

uint16_t MagnitudeThreshold
char UnitSeparator
 An optional character to separate the number from the unit.
uinteger Value
 The encapsulated value to print.

Public Method Index:

constexpr ByteSizeIEC (uinteger value, uint16_t magnitudeThreshold=8 *1024/10, char unitSeparator='\0') noexcept
ALIB_API double ConvertTo (ByteSizeUnits unit)
ALIB_API std::pair< double, ByteSizeUnitsGetMagnitude ()

Field Details:

◆ MagnitudeThreshold

uint16_t MagnitudeThreshold

The lowest value to use with the next lower possible magnitude. If for example to 900, then 0.9 GiB is preferred over 900.0 MiB.

Definition at line 129 of file bytesize.hpp.

◆ UnitSeparator

char UnitSeparator

An optional character to separate the number from the unit.

Definition at line 132 of file bytesize.hpp.

◆ Value

uinteger Value

The encapsulated value to print.

Definition at line 128 of file bytesize.hpp.

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ ByteSizeIEC()

constexpr ByteSizeIEC ( uinteger value,
uint16_t magnitudeThreshold = 8*1024/10,
char unitSeparator = '\0' )


valueThe value to append/format.
magnitudeThresholdStored in MagnitudeThreshold. Defaults to 8*1024/10.
unitSeparatorSeparation character between printed number and unit. Defaults to 0.

Definition at line 139 of file bytesize.hpp.

Method Details:

◆ ConvertTo()

ALIB_API double ConvertTo ( ByteSizeUnits unit)

Returns a double value converted to the given unit. Note that even this class otherwise is responsible for IEC-units, conversions to SI-units may be requested.

unitThe unit to convert to.
Field Value as a double converted to unit .

◆ GetMagnitude()

ALIB_API std::pair< double, ByteSizeUnits > GetMagnitude ( )

Evaluates the magnitude of the value and returns the converted double value between 0.0 and threshold .

The Value converted to double together with the magnitude flag.

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