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FFormat Struct Reference


This interface class exposes interface method Invoke which writes the content of the box to the given AString object in accordance with formatSpec.

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For more information about this class see chapter 4.3. Formatting Custom Types of the Programmer's Manual of module ALib BaseCamp .

Definition at line 29 of file lang/format/fwds.hpp.

#include <fwds.hpp>

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using Signature
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void (*) ( const Box& self, const String& formatSpec, NumberFormat& nf,
AString& target )
strings::TAString< character > AString
Type alias in namespace alib.
strings::TString< character > String
Type alias in namespace alib.
boxing::Box Box
Type alias in namespace alib.
strings::TNumberFormat< character > NumberFormat
Type alias in namespace alib.

Signature of the invokable function.
Implementations write the content of box to the given AString object target in accordance to the type-specific format specification formatSpec .

selfThe box that the function was invoked on.
formatSpecThe specification of the format (type specific). If empty, a default specification string might have to be chosen.
nfA copy of the number format of the formatter (allowed to be modified).
targetThe AString object receiving the formatted string.

Definition at line 42 of file lang/format/fwds.hpp.

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