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FormatterJavaStyle::PlaceholderAttributesJS Struct Reference


Set of extended placeholder attributes, needed for this type of formatter in addition to parent's PlaceholderAttributes .

Definition at line 135 of file formatterjavastyle.hpp.

#include <formatterjavastyle.hpp>

Public Field Index:

bool AlternateForm
bool ConversionUpper
character DateTime
int8_t DefaultPrecision
int8_t Precision

Field Details:

◆ AlternateForm

bool AlternateForm

Alternate form given ('#').

Definition at line 152 of file formatterjavastyle.hpp.

◆ ConversionUpper

bool ConversionUpper

Convert to upper case.

Definition at line 149 of file formatterjavastyle.hpp.

◆ DateTime

The character after conversion type 't'/'T'.

Definition at line 138 of file formatterjavastyle.hpp.

◆ DefaultPrecision

int8_t DefaultPrecision

The default precision if not given. This is set to 6 in resetPlaceholder, but is changed when specified.

Definition at line 146 of file formatterjavastyle.hpp.

◆ Precision

int8_t Precision

The value read from the precision field. This is set to -1 in resetPlaceholder.

Definition at line 142 of file formatterjavastyle.hpp.

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