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SelfContained< TContained >::Fields Struct Reference


template<typename TContained>
struct alib::monomem::SelfContained< TContained >::Fields

The data members that are allocated in the first chunk of the allocator.

Definition at line 89 of file selfcontained.hpp.

#include <selfcontained.hpp>

Collaboration diagram for SelfContained< TContained >::Fields:

Public Field Index:

MonoAllocator allocator
TContained custom
MonoAllocator::Snapshot snapshot

Public Method Index:

template<typename... TArgs>
 Fields (MonoAllocator::Chunk *firstChunk, size_t initialChunkSize, unsigned int chunkGrowthInPercent, TArgs &&... args)

Field Details:

◆ allocator

template<typename TContained >
MonoAllocator allocator

The allocator that this class is contained in.

Definition at line 92 of file selfcontained.hpp.

◆ custom

template<typename TContained >
TContained custom

The custom fields

Definition at line 98 of file selfcontained.hpp.

◆ snapshot

template<typename TContained >
MonoAllocator::Snapshot snapshot

Snapshot pointing behind this object in the first allocated chunk.

Definition at line 95 of file selfcontained.hpp.

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ Fields()

template<typename TContained >
template<typename... TArgs>
Fields ( MonoAllocator::Chunk * firstChunk,
size_t initialChunkSize,
unsigned int chunkGrowthInPercent,
TArgs &&... args )


Template Parameters
TArgsThe argument types used for constructing TContained .
firstChunkThe first argument to field allocator.
initialChunkSizeThe second argument to field allocator.
chunkGrowthInPercentGrowth faktor in percent (*100), applied to each allocation of a next chunk size. Values provided should be greater than 100.
argsThe arguments to construct the instance of TContained .

Definition at line 112 of file selfcontained.hpp.

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