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Library Version: 2402 R1
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RTTRAllocator::Node Member List

This is the complete list of members for RTTRAllocator::Node, including all inherited members.

addBehind(Node *elem)SidiNodeBase< Node >inline
count(SidiNodeBase *end=nullptr) constSidiNodeBase< Node >inline
hasNext() constSidiNodeBase< Node >inline
next(SidiNodeBase *p)SidiNodeBase< Node >inline
next() constSidiNodeBase< Node >inline
operator=(const SidiNodeBase &)=deleteSidiNodeBase< Node >
operator=(SidiNodeBase &&) noexcept=defaultSidiNodeBase< Node >
pnextSidiNodeBase< Node >
pointsTo(const SidiNodeBase *elem) constSidiNodeBase< Node >inline
removeNext()SidiNodeBase< Node >inline
removeRangeBehind(Node *last)SidiNodeBase< Node >inline
SidiNodeBase() noexcept=defaultSidiNodeBase< Node >
SidiNodeBase(const SidiNodeBase &)=deleteSidiNodeBase< Node >
SidiNodeBase(SidiNodeBase &&) noexcept=defaultSidiNodeBase< Node >
SidiNodeBase(Node *next) noexceptSidiNodeBase< Node >inline