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RTTRAllocator::Node Struct Reference


The node type of the internal node type used for stacking recyclables. Besides inheriting the single-list pointer, this type is empty.

Definition at line 66 of file rttrallocator.hpp.

#include <rttrallocator.hpp>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Field Index: inherited from SidiNodeBase< Node >
Node * pnext
- Public Method Index: inherited from SidiNodeBase< Node >
 SidiNodeBase () noexcept=default
 SidiNodeBase (const SidiNodeBase &)=delete
 SidiNodeBase (Node *next) noexcept
 SidiNodeBase (SidiNodeBase &&) noexcept=default
Node * addBehind (Node *elem)
integer count (SidiNodeBase *end=nullptr) const
bool hasNext () const
Node * next () const
void next (SidiNodeBase *p)
SidiNodeBaseoperator= (const SidiNodeBase &)=delete
SidiNodeBaseoperator= (SidiNodeBase &&) noexcept=default
bool pointsTo (const SidiNodeBase *elem) const
Node * removeNext ()
Node * removeRangeBehind (Node *last)

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