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T_SuppressAutoCast< TFrom, TImOrExplict, TTo, TEnableIf > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TFrom, characters::ConstructionType TImOrExplict, typename TTo, typename TEnableIf = void>
struct alib::strings::T_SuppressAutoCast< TFrom, TImOrExplict, TTo, TEnableIf >

This TMP struct is tested by implicit "auto cast" operators. Those might be disabled for combinations of types.

For example, implicit casting from class AString to sibling types CString and Substring has to be forbidden, because both are also constructible implicitly from this class and hence an ambiguity between implicit cast and implicit construction would arise.

Custom classes might encounter similar problems. In that case, this TMP type may be specialized to mitigate compilation issues.

Template Parameters
TFromThe type that allows implicit auto-casts.
TImOrExplictDenotes if implicit or explicit casts are suppressed.
TToThe destination type that auto-casts should be suppressed for.
TEnableIfHelper parameter used for templated specializations of this struct.

Definition at line 65 of file strings/fwds.hpp.

#include <fwds.hpp>

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