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T_SuppressStdOstreamOperator< T > Struct Template Reference


template<typename T>
struct alib::strings::compatibility::std::T_SuppressStdOstreamOperator< T >

This template type may be specialized to suppress ambiguities for types T which

  • have std::operator<<(ostream, const T&) defined, and
  • are appendable to ALib strings.
The ambiguity occurs due to the definition of std::operator<< for all appendable types.

If a specialization of this template struct exists that inherits std::true_type, the compiler will not choose the ALib implementation of the operator, which resolves the ambiguity.

See also
Specialization might be done with macro ALIB_STRINGS_SUPPRESS_STD_OSTREAM_OPERATOR.
Template Parameters
TThe appendable type to suppress

Definition at line 53 of file std_strings_iostream.hpp.

#include <std_strings_iostream.hpp>

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