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Library Version: 2402 R1
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alib::enums::detail Namespace Reference


Details of namespace alib::enums.

Type Index:

struct  EnumRecordHook
struct  EnumRecordKey

Function Index:

ALIB_API const void * getEnumRecord (const std::type_info &rtti, integer integral)
const HashMap< EnumRecordKey, const void *, EnumRecordKey::Hash, EnumRecordKey::EqualTo > & getInternalRecordMap ()
ALIB_API void setEnumRecord (const std::type_info &rtti, integer integral, const void *record)

Function Details:

◆ getEnumRecord()

const void * getEnumRecord ( const std::type_info & rtti,
integer integral )

Retrieves the enum record stored for the enum element with integral value integral of enum type rtti .

rttiThe enumeration type.
integralThe integral value of the enum element.
A pointer to the record, nullptr if not found.

Definition at line 60 of file records.cpp.

◆ getInternalRecordMap()

const HashMap< EnumRecordKey, const void *, EnumRecordKey::Hash, EnumRecordKey::EqualTo > & getInternalRecordMap ( )

This detail function returns the central hash table that stores all enum records of all types. A constant reference is returned, which is in alignment with the general contract of this concept that considers enum records as static data which must not be modified after bootstrapping a software.

Consequently, there are no mechanisms to protect parallel access, as after bootstrap exclusively read operations are allowed.

Prior to bootstrapping, the returned map may be const_cast'ed to a mutable reference for the sake of modifying the base- and maximum load factors as well as for reserving a certain element capacity. The default values are already raised to 3.0 and 6.0, as the retrieval of enumeration records is not considered to be done in time-critical code units.

Direct access to this map is not recommended, and useful only in seldom cases.

A good sample for its use, is to provide debug-output of all defined records for a type in the case that a record for a certain enumeration element of that type was not found, and such output is required to be performed in a code unit that has lost (templated) compile-time type information.

Run-time access to single records is provided with function alib::enums::detail::getEnumRecord(const std::type_info& rtti " integer)" and encapsulated in type Enum of module ALib Boxing .
In the absence of module ALib Monomem in an ALib Distribution , the returned type changes to std::unordered_map.
A constant reference to the internal hash map storing all enum records.

Definition at line 77 of file records.cpp.

◆ setEnumRecord()

void setEnumRecord ( const std::type_info & rtti,
integer integral,
const void * record )

Stores the record for enum element of the given enum type rtti . If a value already exists, it is ignored. This allows to have multiple records, while only the first is found.

rttiThe enumeration type.
integralThe integral value of the enum element.
recordThe record to associate.

Definition at line 51 of file records.cpp.