ALib C++ Library
Library Version: 2402 R1
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alib::lox::detail Namespace Reference


This is the C++ namespace for internal main classes and other things belonging to the ALox Logging Library.

Types and interfaces found in this namespace are not designed for access by users of the library. However, if extending ALox , e.g. by implementing new custom loggers, things found here provide an important foundation.

Developed by A-Worx GmbH and published under Boost Software License.

Nested Namespaces:

namespace  textlogger

Type Index:

class  Domain
struct  DomainSubstitutionRule
struct  LI
class  Logger
struct  LoxImpl
class  PrefixLogable
class  ScopeDump
class  ScopeInfo
class  ScopeStore
struct  ScopeStoreHelper
class  ScopeStoreType