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Library Version: 2402 R1
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alib::threads::detail Namespace Reference


Details of namespace alib::threads.

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ALIB_API ThreadgetThread (std::thread::id c11ID)
void threadStart (Thread *thread)

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ALIB_API std::mutex moduleLock
ALIB_API HashMap< std::thread::id, Thread * > threadMap

Function Details:

◆ getThread()

ALIB_API Thread * getThread ( std::thread::id c11ID)

Retrieves the ALib object associated with the given C++ std::thread::id. In case the threadID is not found in the hash table, the given id is considered a system thread and is entered into the hash table.

c11IDThe native thread id.
The associated ALib thread object.

Definition at line 96 of file thread.cpp.

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◆ threadStart()

void threadStart ( Thread * thread)

Internal method to start a thread.

threadThe ALib thread object to start.

Definition at line 89 of file thread.cpp.

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Variable Details:

◆ moduleLock

ALIB_API std::mutex moduleLock

The internal mutex used with operations like starting, ending or finding thread objects.

With the presence of module ALib Monomem in the ALib Distribution , this object is not available. Instead, GlobalAllocatorLock is used, because this likewise protects modifications on object detail::threadMap , which uses this allocator.

◆ threadMap

ALIB_API HashMap<std::thread::id, Thread*> threadMap

The hash map used to find the current thread object. The object uses default values for HashTable::BaseLoadFactor and HashTable::MaxLoadFactor . Depending on the use of threads by a using application, these values might be modified prior to starting the first phase of bootstrapping ALib.

If so, an initial call to HashTable::Reserve may be likewise be performed.

With the absence of module ALib Monomem in the ALib Distribution , the type of this object is std::unordered_map.