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Parameter Struct Reference


A declaration for a cli::Parameter .

Definition at line 256 of file arguments.hpp.

#include <arguments.hpp>

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Public Field Index:

List< String, Recycling::SharedArgs
ParameterDeclDeclaration = nullptr
- Public Field Index: inherited from Parsed
integer Position
integer QtyArgsConsumed

Public Method Index:

 Parameter (CommandLine *cmdLine)
ALIB_API bool Read (ParameterDecl &decl)
- Public Method Index: inherited from Parsed
 Parsed (CommandLine *cmdLine)

Field Details:

◆ Args

Arguments belonging to us.

Definition at line 262 of file arguments.hpp.

◆ Declaration

ParameterDecl* Declaration = nullptr

The underlying declaration.

Definition at line 259 of file arguments.hpp.

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ Parameter()

Parameter ( CommandLine * cmdLine)


cmdLineThe command line instance.

Definition at line 583 of file commandline.hpp.

Method Details:

◆ Read()

bool Read ( ParameterDecl & decl)

Tries to read the object from the front of CommandLine::ArgsLeft . Success is indicated by setting inherited fields Parsed::Position and Parsed::QtyArgsConsumed to values greater than 0.

If it could not be decided if the actual CLI argument contains this parameter false is returned to indicate that parsing commands has to stop now.

This is done in the following cases:

See ReadNextCommands for details

declThe declaration used for reading
The true on success, false indicates that parsing has to end here.

Definition at line 217 of file arguments.cpp.

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