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Library Version: 2402 R1
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ScopeInfo::SourceFile Struct Reference


Information of a single source file. Stored in field cache.

Definition at line 140 of file scopeinfo.inl.

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Public Field Index:

NString fullPath = nullptr
NString name = nullptr
NString nameWOExt = nullptr
NCString origFile = nullptr
integer origFilePathLength = -2
uint64_t timeStamp = 0
NString trimmedPath = nullptr
NString trimmedPathPrefix = nullptr

Public Method Index:

void Clear ()

Field Details:

◆ fullPath

NString fullPath = nullptr

Full path of source file (evaluated).

Definition at line 149 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ name

NString name = nullptr

File name (evaluated).

Definition at line 159 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ nameWOExt

NString nameWOExt = nullptr

File name without extension (evaluated).

Definition at line 162 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ origFile

NCString origFile = nullptr

Path and name of source file (given by the C++ preprocessor).

Definition at line 146 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ origFilePathLength

integer origFilePathLength = -2

Index of last path separator in origFile.

Definition at line 165 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ timeStamp

uint64_t timeStamp = 0

'Timestamp' for LRU overwriting (not a time, but using field cacheRun).

Definition at line 143 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ trimmedPath

NString trimmedPath = nullptr

Trimmed path of source file (evaluated).

Definition at line 152 of file scopeinfo.inl.

◆ trimmedPathPrefix

NString trimmedPathPrefix = nullptr

Prefix for the trimmed path taken from trim rule. Has to be added on writing the trimmed path

Definition at line 156 of file scopeinfo.inl.

Method Details:

◆ Clear()

void Clear ( )

Clears calculated values. Keeps origFile intact.

Definition at line 168 of file scopeinfo.inl.

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