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underlyingintegral.hpp File Reference


This header file is part of module ALib Enums of the ALib C++ Library .

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Definition in file underlyingintegral.hpp.

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namespace  alib
namespace  alib::enums


ALib Module Enums

The macros in this section are introduced by module ALib Enums and allow to specialize type-traits structs T_EnumRecords , T_EnumIsArithmetical , T_EnumIsBitwise and T_EnumIsIterable for scoped or non-scoped enum types.

  • All macros (except ALIB_ENUMS_UNDERLYING_TYPE) in this section have to be placed in global scope (outside of namespaces and types).
  • For technical reasons, neither the macros nor the concepts behind them are applicable to enum types that are defined as private or protected inner types of structs or classes.
#define ALIB_ENUMS_UNDERLYING_TYPE(TEnum)   typename std::underlying_type<TEnum>::type


template<typename TEnum >
constexpr std::underlying_type< TEnum >::type UnderlyingIntegral (TEnum element) noexcept(true)