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T_VTableFactory< TMapping > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TMapping>
struct alib::boxing::detail::T_VTableFactory< TMapping >

Method Get of the default version of this struct creates a VTable dynamically. For this, a corresponding templated Singleton type VTableTT , according to given template parameter TMapping is returned.

For optimization purposes (code size as well as execution performance), this struct might be specialized for selected a mapped types, to return static singleton object.

Specializations for all C++ fundamental types are given. Furthermore, various different ALib Modules provide such specializations for types they introduced and that are boxed.

See also
Chapter 12.2.2 Declaration, Definition and Registration Of Static VTables of the Programmer's Manual of ALib Boxing .
Template Parameters
TMappingThe mapped type to receive a vtable for. Has to be of either type TMappedTo or TMappedToArrayOf .

Definition at line 450 of file vtable.inl.

Public Static Method Index:

static constexpr VTableGet ()

Method Details:

◆ Get()

template<typename TMapping >
static constexpr VTable * Get ( )

Returns a strict singleton vtable responsible for boxing mapped type TMapping .

The requested vtable singleton.

Definition at line 456 of file vtable.inl.

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