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This struct holds static sample values for the built-in supported types of module ALib Expressions .

These boxes are mainly used by built-in compiler plug-ins to denote the corresponding type. Customized plug-ins are proposed to use these boxes to denote internal types as well and besides that to define static sample boxes for each custom type that they introduce in a similar fashion.

Of-course, just sample any value might be passed where a type is expected, but using these pre-defined objects is more efficient in respect to code size. In respect to execution performance, the sample values are rather irrelevant, as those are used almost exclusively at expression compile-time.

Definition at line 271 of file expressions.hpp.

#include <expressions.hpp>

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Public Static Field Index:

static ALIB_API Box Boolean = false
static ALIB_API Box DateTime = time::DateTime::FromRaw(0)
static ALIB_API Box Duration = time::DateTime::Duration::FromNanoseconds(0)
static ALIB_API Box Float = static_cast<double >(0.0)
static ALIB_API Box Integer = static_cast<integer>(0)
static ALIB_API Box String = A_CHAR("")
static ALIB_API Box Void = nullptr

Field Details:

◆ Boolean

Box Boolean = false

Sample type-box for C++ type bool.

Definition at line 277 of file expressions.hpp.

◆ DateTime

Sample type-box for date and time values of type DateTime ).

Definition at line 291 of file expressions.hpp.

◆ Duration

Box Duration = time::DateTime::Duration::FromNanoseconds(0)

Sample type-box for values of type DateTime::Duration ).

Definition at line 294 of file expressions.hpp.

◆ Float

Box Float = static_cast<double >(0.0)

Sample type-box for C++ type double.

Definition at line 283 of file expressions.hpp.

◆ Integer

Box Integer = static_cast<integer>(0)

Sample type-box for integer types. (Precisely for type integer .)

Definition at line 280 of file expressions.hpp.

◆ String

Box String = A_CHAR("")

Sample type-box for string types. While internally, ALib class String is used, due to the magic of module ALib Boxing , almost any custom string type is compatible, including of-course std::string.

Definition at line 288 of file expressions.hpp.

◆ Void

Box Void = nullptr

Sample type-box for C++ type void.

Definition at line 274 of file expressions.hpp.

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