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T_Append< TAppendable, TChar, TEnableIf > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TAppendable, typename TChar = alib::characters::character, typename TEnableIf = void>
struct alib::strings::T_Append< TAppendable, TChar, TEnableIf >

This is a type-traits functor that allows to make custom types "appendable" to objects of type AString.

Specializations of this struct have to implement operator() , which is invoked by method AString::Append , when an instance of the type in question is passed.

For user defined string types that get adopted to ALib string system using a specialization of struct T_CharArray , no specialization of this functor is needed, because method AString::Append will accept such types likewise.

The third template parameter of this struct, TEnableIf , may be used to perform templated specializations based on a condition evaluated with std::enable_if (or similar TMP mechanics).

This struct is called a "functor" because its single member is operator() . This is different to other type-traits structs defined by ALib , which demand to implement one or more static methods with specializations. As operator() must not be static, the internal call to this operator is done by creating a temporary object of this "functor struct" and calling the operator on that.
The result in respect to the generated code is with both approaches the same. Using a functor here, is just a design decision.
See also
For details consult chapter 5.1 Appending Custom Types of the Programmer's Manual of module ALib Strings .
The documentation of built-in specializations for ALib types are collected in sub-namespace alib::strings::APPENDABLES.

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Template Parameters
TAppendableThe type that should be made compatible with method TAString::Append .
TCharThe character type of the target AString. Defaults to character .
TEnableIfOptional TMP parameter to allow templated specializations.

Definition at line 95 of file astring.hpp.

#include <astring.hpp>

Public Method Index:

void operator() (TAString< TChar > &target, const TAppendable &src)

Method Details:

◆ operator()()

template<typename TAppendable , typename TChar = alib::characters::character, typename TEnableIf = void>
template ALIB_API void operator() ( TAString< TChar > & target,
const TAppendable & src )

This operator is invoked on a temporary object of this type by AString::Append , when an object of type TAppendable is passed.

Usually, specializations of this operator append a string representation of src to target . Special "appendable types" might modify target in other, arbitrary ways.

targetThe target string.
srcThe source object.

Definition at line 118 of file appendables.cpp.

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