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FileExpressions::Plugin Struct Reference


The internal compiler plug-in which adds file-related functions to the expression compiler as documented with the outer class.

Definition at line 127 of file fileexpressions.hpp.

#include <fileexpressions.hpp>

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Public Method Index:

 Plugin (Compiler &compiler)
- Public Method Index: inherited from Calculus
 Calculus (const NString &name, Compiler &compiler)
virtual ~Calculus () override
ALIB_API void AddBinaryOpOptimizations (BinaryOpOptimizationsTableEntry *table, size_t length)
template<size_t TCapacity>
void AddBinaryOpOptimizations (BinaryOpOptimizationsTableEntry(&table)[TCapacity])
void AddOperator (const String &op, Type lhsType, Type rhsType, CallbackDecl callback, const char *dbgCallbackName, Type resultType, CTInvokable cti)
void AddOperatorAlias (const String &alias, Type lhsType, Type rhsType, const String &op)
void AddOperatorAliases (OperatorAliasTableEntry *table, size_t length)
template<size_t TCapacity>
void AddOperatorAliases (OperatorAliasTableEntry(&table)[TCapacity])
ALIB_API void AddOperators (OperatorTableEntry *table, size_t length)
template<size_t TCapacity>
void AddOperators (OperatorTableEntry(&table)[TCapacity])
virtual ALIB_API bool TryCompilation (CIAutoCast &autoCast) override
virtual ALIB_API bool TryCompilation (CIBinaryOp &ciBinaryOp) override
virtual ALIB_API bool TryCompilation (CIFunction &ciFunction) override
virtual ALIB_API bool TryCompilation (CIUnaryOp &ciUnaryOp) override
- Public Method Index: inherited from CompilerPlugin
 CompilerPlugin (const NString &name, Compiler &compiler)
virtual ~CompilerPlugin ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Type Index: inherited from Calculus
using BinaryOpOptimizationsTableEntry = const std::tuple<String, lang::Side, Type, const Box&, const Box&>
using CTInvokable = bool
using OperatorAliasTableEntry = const std::tuple<String, Type, Type, String>
using OperatorTableEntry
- Public Static Field Index: inherited from Calculus
static constexpr CTInvokable CTI = true
static constexpr CTInvokable ETI = false
- Public Field Index: inherited from Calculus
MonoAllocator allocator
std::vector< AutoCastEntryAutoCasts
HashMap< BinOpOptKey, Box, BinOpOptKey::Hash, BinOpOptKey::EqualToBinaryOperatorOptimizations
std::vector< ConstantIdentifierEntryConstantIdentifiers
std::vector< FunctionEntryFunctions
HashMap< OperatorKey, String, OperatorKey::Hash, OperatorKey::EqualToOperatorAliases
HashMap< OperatorKey, std::tuple< CallbackDecl, Box, CTInvokable ALIB_DBG(, const char *) >, OperatorKey::Hash, OperatorKey::EqualToOperators
- Public Field Index: inherited from CompilerPlugin
const NString Name

Constructor(s) / Destructor Details::

◆ Plugin()

Plugin ( Compiler & compiler)



compilerThe compiler that this plugin will be attached to.

Definition at line 104 of file fileexpressions.cpp.

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