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T_Append< TEnum, TChar > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TEnum, typename TChar>
struct alib::strings::APPENDABLES::T_Append< TEnum, TChar >

Templated specialization of functor T_Append makes elements of C++ enumeration type TEnum appendable to AString instances, if:

  • Type TEnum is equipped with ALib Enum Records of type ERSerializable (or a derived type ), and if:
  • No specialization of TMP struct T_EnumIsBitwise exists for TEnum . (For those, a different implementation of this functor is given.)
The conditions are evaluated by the compiler using std::enable_if on optional template parameter TEnableIf of unspecialized T_Append .

Member operator() writes the name of the given enumeration value to target . As with all specializations of functor T_Append, the use of it is done implicitly with various interface method of class AString .

If furthermore TMP struct T_Resourced is specialized for type TEnum and an externalizd resouce string exists according to the specification described with methods ResourcedType::TypeNamePrefix and ResourcedType::TypeNamePostfix then these resourced strings are written prior and after the enumeration element's name.

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Template Parameters
TEnumThe enumeration type of the element that is to be appended to an AString.
TCharThe character type of the target AString.

Definition at line 327 of file serialization.hpp.

#include <serialization.hpp>

Public Method Index:

void operator() (TAString< TChar > &target, TEnum element)

Method Details:

◆ operator()()

template<typename TEnum , typename TChar >
void operator() ( TAString< TChar > & target,
TEnum element )

Writes the name of the given enumeration element it to target .

If available for TEnum , the resourced name prefix and postfix are written before and after the element's name.

If no record exists for element , its underlying integral value is written. In debug builds, the method asserts that at least one record is defined for TEnum .

targetThe AString that element is to be appended to.
elementThe enumeration element to append to target .

Definition at line 350 of file serialization.hpp.

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