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T_Append< compatibility::std::TISReadLine< TChar >, TChar > Struct Template Reference


template<typename TChar>
struct alib::strings::APPENDABLES::T_Append< compatibility::std::TISReadLine< TChar >, TChar >

Specialization of type-traits struct T_Append for type TISReadLine .

Template Parameters
TCharString character type.

Definition at line 143 of file std_strings_iostream.hpp.

#include <std_strings_iostream.hpp>

Public Method Index:

void operator() (TAString< TChar > &target, const compatibility::std::TISReadLine< TChar > &reader)

Method Details:

◆ operator()()

template<typename TChar >
void operator() ( TAString< TChar > & target,
const compatibility::std::TISReadLine< TChar > & reader )

Reads a line from a text file and appends the contents to target . If the end of the input stream was reached, field IsEOF of parameter reader will be set to true what indicates that a next read operation would fail if it was performed.

For setting field IsEOF the object will be casted to a non-constant reference. See functor T_Append for an explanation why it is OK to do so.
targetThe AString object to read into.
readerThe object holding the std::istream and some parameters.

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